(aunt summer)

"Oh my God look at the air. You can see it rising from the earth. And the light, have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your life?"

Academy Award nominee Karen Black has a legendary track record and an incredible body of work. Best known for such iconoclastic films as Easy Rider and Nashville, she has worked with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock , Francis Ford Coppola, John Schlesinger, and Robert Altman. Honored with Golden Globe awards for both Five Easy Pieces and The Great Gatsby, and a Golden Globe nomination for Day of the Locust, her impressive credits include nearly 100 films. We were first struck by Karen's boundless positive energy. She is an amazing life force. On the set, she exuded this spirit of free will and selflessness as she traveled from location to location, usually singing along the way. According to Karen, "The character of Aunt Summer was great for me. I'm better at fey characters, women who are lyrical, who can change their minds. Women who can follow thought into new pasture. Aunt Summer is one of those women. She reminds me of the great Tennessee Williams' women."
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