In rural Pine Apple, Mississippi, Griffith (Dan Montgomery) lives in a stagnant environment of repressed emotions, dark family secrets, and fear of change. Surrounded by a family full of distrust in a place he doesn't feel is truly his home, he longs for a different life. With the death of the family matriarch, Lily Mae, he finds himself thrust into the position of caring for his Aunt Summer (Karen Black). Griffith was taken in as a child and raised by Aunt Summer after the tragic death of his parents. She is a woman trapped in her home by agoraphobia, and in her mind by secrets that constantly haunt her. Griffith slowly comes to the realization that he cannot save her. In fact, if he himself is to be saved, he must leave.

In order to leave, Griffith decides to rent the cottage that had previously been used by Lily Mae, his nanny. He must also sever the other tie that binds him to Pine Apple... his cousin Emily (Aleksa Palladino). Emily resents his wish to leave. At home, she is harassed by an abusive stepfather, and a mother angry and bitter at the hand fate has dealt her. So Emily seeks refuge in books and the very close (sometimes sexual) relationship that she and Griffith have forged since childhood. She views his leaving as abandonment.

Enter Lee (Walton Goggins), a stranger passing through on his way to bigger and better things. He decides to rent the cottage, bringing with him an infectious passion for life. Griffith is immediately intrigued by Lee's "throw caution to the wind attitude" and the pair quickly become friends. Sensing a change in Griffith and the confirmation of nagging doubts she's had, Summer rouses herself from her psychological slumber and ventures into the outside world. With renewed vigor and strength she musters up the courage to reveal the secrets that have kept her imprisoned for so long. In the lonely corner of the world known as Pine Apple Griffith finally discovers what it means to belong.
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