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Brian Skeet Shoots In N.Y., Tag Purvis Tackles Mississippi, Nickolas Perry Shoots "Speedway", and Don Most Hopes For Happy Days As Director

By Kevin Dreyfuss
...Purvis Tackling "Red Dirt" in Mississippi

Installation artist and short filmmaker Tag Purvis has just begun principal photography on his first feature, "Red Dirt", in his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi. The film, with a budget of just under $1 million, stars Karen Black ("Five Easy Pieces"), Walton Goggins ("The Apostle"), Aleksa Palladino ("Manny and Lo") and Dan Montgomery ("Last Man"). Produced by Sean Gibbons and Sweet Tea Production, Inc.s, who have been involved with Purvis since his short film days, the film is the story of a young man tied down in a small town, and the stranger who helps him change his life.

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