Tag Purvis
Following the impressive success of his most recent short film, "America the Beautiful," Tag Purvis (Writer/Director) offers audiences his first feature picture, "Red Dirt."

"America the Beautiful," a visual reflection on dominant heterosexual American culture, has been screened at over forty festivals worldwide and broadcast by CANAL+ in three of their principal markets: France, Spain and Austria.

After attending the University of Miami Film School, Purvis began his career as a filmmaker with "The Hereafter," a short film that examined the fine art of taxidermy through the eyes of a Cuban-American master. Over the next four years, Purvis completed two more shorts, "Sweet 'n Sour" and "Peas 'n Corn," that provided unique glimpses of Southern culture.

Throughout this period, Purvis also gained recognition as one of Miami's most innovative visual artists. His installation work has been exhibited in both private and public gallery spaces around the United States and Purvis has also received increased critical attention for his outdoor public projections.

Purvis was a recipient of the 1996 Visual & Media Fellowship Grant by the South Florida Cultural Consortium, the largest grant of its kind to visual artists in the United States. His public projections were recognized by the New Times as the "Best Alternative Public Art Project" in Miami and he has been selected by international curators in two successive "Featuring Florida" exhibitions at the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota.

Considering the response to "America the Beautiful" in over eleven countries, Purvis has touched on issues of universal relevance. With "Red Dirt," this Southern director will yet again bring audiences his worldview through the lens of the Deep South.


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